Consumer advice on cars.

find a garage

If you need to have work done on your vehicle, including a standard service, a repair or an MOT, then you should try to take your car to an approved garage. Using an approved garage can mean that the work is more likely to go according to plan, and that you will have better protection if something does go wrong. Read more

motor trade association

If you have experienced a problem with your vehicle, such as a bad repair, then you are advised to speak to the garage which was responsible. However, if you are not able to come to a suitable resolution with the garage in question, then you may want to consider speaking to a trade association that the garage may be affiliated with. Read more

car repair

If you are not satisfied with a vehicle repair, then you are within your legal rights to negotiate with the garage until you are able to come to an adequate solution. If these negotiations do not work, then you can take further action. Read more

used car

Buying a used car can be a great way to get a car at a lower cost, however it can also have certain pitfalls. If you want to avoid buying a car which is damaged, stolen or otherwise not classified as roadworthy, then it is essential that you do proper checks before you complete your purchase. Read more